We learn best when we learn from one another, because the expertise resides in our system.

Convenings provide opportunities for middle leaders in the CSU to come together across institutions and roles to focus on issues of practice that affect students. During the day-long convenings, participants explore key issues, discuss evidence-based strategies, and take steps to create action plans. Convenings support the cultivation of cross-campus, cross-role relationships and resources that can strengthen student success efforts.

Each convening is centered on a topic representing an issue affecting campuses across the system. Past convening topics have included: Transfer, Student Success in the First Year, Data Use, and College Readiness. Meetings are designed to stimulate conversations and encourage collaboration.

Faculty, staff, and administrators from across the system come together to explore what they can learn from, and what they can teach their CSU colleagues.

Learning Outcomes

Equity. Consider ways (in)equity manifests on campus.

Knowledge. Share successes and challenges in implementing student success efforts; explore promising strategies that advance evidence-based equitable student success efforts on campus.

Relationships. Build relationships with colleagues at your campus and from across the CSU who are involved in campus-level efforts supporting equitable student success.

All reasonable travel, food, and lodging costs are reimbursed by the CSU Student Success Network. Travel must be approved and arranged in accordance with each campus’s policies and guidelines.


Upcoming Convenings

Data, Practices, and Policies: Setting a Clear Institutional Agenda to Support and Engage Men of Color in the CSU 
The CSU Student Success Network is excited to partner with the USC Pullias Center for Higher Education in this workshop focused on creating a racially equitable campus ecosystem to engage and support men of color in the CSU system
Join us on Friday, December 11 from 12:30 – 2:30 pm PST.
Navigating Uncertainty Together
A conversation series launched in summer 2020, for students, faculty, staff, and administrators to problem solve together about urgent opportunities and challenges we face in preparing for the fall, with a focus on equity-minded practices and pedagogies.

 Save these dates for our spring 2021 Navigating Uncertainty Together conversations

Come to one, or both, as your schedule permits. Registration information will be coming soon.
  • Thursday, February 11: 9-10:30 am
  • Thursday, April 8: 9-10:30 am


Terra Thorne Headshot
Contact: Terra Thorne, Director of Statewide Initiatives



Student Success Network Calendar

Supporting and Engaging Men of Color in the CSU


12:30pm USC Pullias Center for Higher Education and CSU Student Success Network Webinar
Winter Middle Leadership Academy


10:00am 2020-21 Middle Leadership Academy Session 1


10:00am 2020-21 Middle Leadership Academy Session 2


10:00am 2020-21 Middle Leadership Academy Session 3
Spring Navigating Uncertainty Together Conversation Series


9:00am Navigating Uncertainty Together Conversation 1


9:00am Navigating Uncertainty Together Conversation 2


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