Equity-Minded Teaching and Learning

Spring Convening 2020


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This one-day convening provides strategies for participants to learn how to create inclusive learning environments for students from all racial backgrounds.

Why focus on equity-minded teaching and learning?

There are many efforts underway at campuses and across the CSU system aimed at supporting equitable opportunities and outcomes for students. Although these efforts are leading to some progress, race/ethnicity gaps remain. Closing those gaps will require a deep understanding of how to use equity-based teaching and learning strategies effectively.

At this convening, the Center for Urban Education (CUE) will offer you an opportunity to explore racial equity in the classroom and beyond, using its nationally renowned institute curriculum. While many traditional theories focus on the effort students invest in their education, CUE believes in focusing on educators’ efforts to create learning environments that are critically race-conscious and equity-minded.


Who should attend?

We invite groups of 5-6 individuals from each campus to attend. CUE’s curriculum focuses on providing instructional faculty with inquiry-based tools to use in the classroom, including sessions like Using Disaggregated Course Outcome Data and The Syllabus as a Tool for Racial/Ethnic Equity. We believe that these tools can also be applied outside the classroom, and we welcome groups to include faculty, staff, and administrators.

If you are interested in attending, and are unsure about your role and/or whether your campus has registered a group, please contact Terra Thorne and we will work with you to coordinate registrations. If your campus has more than one group that wants to attend the event, additional groups may be invited to participate, as capacity allows.

The meeting is free for CSU participants. The CSU Student Success Network will reimburse campuses for travel costs according to CSU travel guidelines. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.


Intended Learning Outcomes

Equity. Consider ways (in)equity manifests on campus.
Knowledge. Define concepts of racial equity and deepen your understanding of the campus as a racialized space; use disaggregated data to inform your teaching and learning practices.
Leadership. Explore strategies and grow your agency to make equity-driven change.
Relationships. Build relationships with colleagues at your campus and from across the CSU who are involved in campus-level efforts promoting equitable student success.

*A foundational part of the convening is using disaggregated data to inform your teaching and learning practices. Instructional faculty will be asked to provide course-level data, to the extent that they are able. We encourage faculty participants to take a look at the sample data template from CUE and consider how you would gather the course outcomes data as soon as possible so that you can get the most out of your attendance at this convening. Access to the data may require a formal request to your IR/IE office. Staff and administrators will not need to bring data.


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Contact: Terra Thorne, Convenings Director



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