Navigating Uncertainty Together: A Virtual Conversation Series

We learn best when we learn from one another, because the expertise resides in our system.


We need to lean on and learn from each other now more than ever as we prepare for the fall term. The CSU Student Success Network is hosting a series of virtual conversations this summer to help us discuss what we learned from the virtual experience last term, the actions we will take to advance racial equity within and outside of the classroom, and how we can best support our students when they return to our virtual classrooms.

The three-part series will be held every other week beginning July 22, on Wednesdays from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. PDT, and is open to any CSU student, faculty, staff, or administrators. Please register below. You’re welcome to attend any or all of these sessions.


Conversation #1: Addressing teaching and learning online (July 22)

Come together to prepare for continued remote instruction and an increased imperative to address structural inequality in the classroom. Based on your remote classroom experiences this spring, reflect with your colleagues about what worked, what didn’t, and for whom. Share ideas for building remote courses, lift up equity-minded practices and pedagogies, and explore resources on your campus and throughout the CSU to support instruction and student success next fall.

Conversation #2: Supporting students’ needs this fall (August 5)

Connect with colleagues to explore ways to support students outside of the classroom. Reflect on the urgent challenges students are experiencing and strategies to address their employment, advising, socioemotional, housing, food, and other needs. Share ideas for embedding a racial-justice lens into student supports, communicating across campus departments, and brainstorming strategies to address technology access and remote delivery of student support services.

Conversation #3: Student engagement in a remote teaching and learning environment (August 19)

Providing engaging environments for students in and out of the classroom can be challenging in a remote environment. Come together to explore equity-minded strategies to support student engagement during the fall semester. Share ideas for connecting with entering first-time and transfer students, supporting students’ connection to affinity and social justice peer groups, and creating a sense of belonging across academics, student support service, and extra-curricular activities.



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Contact: Terra Thorne, Director of Statewide Initiatives



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Navigating Uncertainty Together Series

12:30pm Conversation #1: Addressing teaching and learning online
12:30pm Conversation #2: Supporting students’ needs this fall
12:30pm Conversation #3: Student engagement in a remote teaching and learning environment

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