Middle Leadership Academy

2019-20 Cohort

In light of the recently issued memo from the CSU Chancellor’s office suspending non-essential domestic university travel, the CSU Student Success Network will be transitioning our academy to a virtual platform. We are working quickly to modify the agenda to accommodate these changes and we will keep you updated along the way. Our goal is to deliver a high-quality, engaging session for you. If you have questions about the session, please contact director Bianca Mothé.

We understand that people may have already arranged for their travel for this event. Please cancel your travel arrangements at this time, and request travel credits or refunds when possible. If your campus or department arranged your travel, please connect directly with your travel administrator about cancellation policies and use of flight credits. If you or your department are charged a cancellation fee, please let us know.

Eleven campus teams participated in the 2019-20 Middle Leadership Academy.


Team project summaries are listed below:

Team Lead: Kate McCarthy, Interim Dean of Undergraduate Education

Chico State is identifying best practices, both in Academic and Student Affairs, for addressing equity gaps, and providing a strong suite of resources for faculty and staff to implement effective changes, building on the success of the 2018-19 team.

Team Lead: Karyn Scissum Gunn, Associate VP for Academic Operations

Cal State Fullerton is leading development, branding and implementation of a new student equity initiative on campus aiming to increase retention and enhance development of a sense of belonging among underrepresented and Pell-eligible scholars beginning in Fall 2019.

Team Lead: Kathy Thornhill, Director of Undergraduate Advising, Career Services, and Community Based Learning

Humboldt State seeks to develop a coordinated campus-wide infrastructure to support incoming and first year transfer students including pre-matriculation, curricular and co-curricular efforts. This will include the design, implementation, and assessment of: pre-matriculation on-boarding and outreach efforts, a transfer seminar, peer mentoring, advising support, career preparation, and a centralized hub/space.

Team Lead: Aimee Arreygue, Associate Director of Educational Partnerships

Cal State Long Beach is working to collaboratively explore the experiences of their campus’ undeclared student population, including different facets of their student experience and disseminate this information to the greater campus.

Team Lead: Nadine Kelley, Director of Cross Cultural Centers

Cal State LA is working to address the topic of belonging as it relates to Black students, and tenets of the CSU Graduation Initiative 2025 — retention, success, and graduation.

Team Lead: Swarup Wood, Interim Director of General Education

CSUMB is working to develop a framework, including a multi-year implementation process, for engaging lecturer faculty in CSUMB’s equity-focused student success work, including assessing their current reality and establishing a plan to better support lecturers.

Team Lead: Svetlana Tyutina, Director of Student Service Learning, Office of Community Engagement, Assistant Professor, MCLL department

CSUN looks to design a comprehensive plan for promoting and implementing high impact practices, such as service-learning and community engagement projects, project-based learning, internships and externships, and similar projects across campus.

Team Lead: Marya Endriga, Associate Dean of Student and Personnel Success for the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies

Sacramento State looks to examine student success indicators and equity gaps within the population of approximately 5000 “Expressed Interest” (EI) student on campus.

Team Lead: Sara DeMoss, Director for Coyote PLUS Programs, Undergraduate Studies

CSUSB looks to strengthen the foundation and increase the effectiveness of STEM PLUS+ Pathways Program (SPP) during the critical pilot year. The long-term goal of this project is to develop clear institutionalized four-year STEM holistic student academic and engagement pathways that will greatly benefit their targeted students and serve as a model for their institution at large.

Team Lead: Deanna Peck, Director of Peer Connections

San Jose State is working to research first year experiences that most effective for URM students.

Team Lead: Alexis Melville, Associate Director for Cal Poly Scholars

Cal Poly SLO is looking to establish intentional opportunities and partnerships across the university in order to enhance the Cal Poly Scholar experience in a scale-able and sustainable manner.


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Contact: Bianca Mothe, Academy Director 


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